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Escort Frequently Asked Questions (Escort FAQ)

What does CID Come in Deep mean?

I am told that it means allowing someone to cum during sex, rather then the porn style 'money shot', I have been told that a lot of american girls don't allow clients to cum inside them, even when covered...

all penetration with me is covered, but provided you have a condom on I don't mind which hole you cum in ;)

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do you talk dirty ?
2. Do you allow sessions to be videotaped
3. As a virgin, would you teach me how to perform great oral sex?
4. Hi, can u perform prolonged rimming on me. i wash down there. ?
5. do you see virgins?
6. Do you do face-sitting ?
7. Would you suck my balls for a good while?
8. Would you consider providing hardsports? What are your limits?
9. Do you have bareback sex?
10. What does CID Come in Deep mean?
11. Keen to meet for some spanking fun, is this ok with you
12. Do you have bareback sex?
13. Do you provide a facial picture?

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